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Facilities Available :- Centre is Equipped with the  Latest & Most Advanced Eye Examination Systems in the world 

Most Advance: 3 D WIDE OCT ANGIO ( 3D Optical Coherence  Tomography )

 3D OCT offers fast high‐resolution imaging SYSTEM with Angio . The devices feature analysis functions for Drusen and nerve fiber in the Retina, ganglion cell, and inner plexform layer detection. Usability is enhanced in these systems with auto‐focus and auto‐shoot capabilities in fundus photography, and auto‐focus, auto‐Z and Z‐lock, and autopolarization in OCT photography

  •  Latest A Non‐mydriatic color Retinal camera
  •   Fluorescein angiography (FA)

□ Change in RNFL Thickness Change in the Nerve fibre layer thickness can be monitored via RNFL Trend Analysis and comparison with normative data. Multiple patient visits can be viewed simply on one screen aiding disease management. □ Trend analysis can calculate linear regression lines by using all stored patient data. This chart can be useful to follow patient data as well as a useful patient education tool. □ Total patient history data including overlay / thickness map / fundus image can now be shown on the same report.

  • 3D Wide Retina scanning     
  • 3D Macula/Fovea scanning    
  • Retina Drusen  Scanner
  • Most advance 3D Glaucoma checking :-3D Optic Nerve Head / Disc;
  • 3D Retinal Nerve fibre layer (RNFL) Scanning ;Ganglion Cell layer complex
  • 3D Macula Glaucoma analysis        
  • 3d Anterior Segment Eye Scanning : Cornea / Lens / 360Angle of anterior chamber   
  • 3d Eye Check up / Screening Tool : For Infant / Children
  • Digital 3D Cam / CAM (Amblyopia / Lazy eye Exercises)
  • 3d Eye check up:-3d Auto Refraction;Non Contact IOP & Cornea Measurements & Thickness
  • Auto keratometery;3d Cataract assesment tool;
  • Computerized Color Vision Testing machine
  • Latest All-in-one Specular Microscope with “corneal endothelium photographing” and “automatic analysis” Quick and automatic analysis of corneal endothelium cells along  with thickness of cornea.
  • Latest machine for DRY EYES: Special non-invasive diagnostic instrument available only at this centre  which can detect an early  dry eye cases in 5 secs which is never picked up by other dry eye tests, it is very useful in early detection & treating the dry eye
  • Biometery & Pachymeter
  • Synaphtophore     
  • Cryo Units    
  • Autoperimeters 
  • Operating Microscopes with Digital 3D HD tools with Retina viewing system
  • Diathermy Unit Giant & Ocular Magnets
  • Radiofrequency / laser machines  for Oculoplasty surgeries
  • Most advanced Eye Lasers & Vitrectomy Machines
  • Worlds most Advanced 3d Micro endoscopes with laser for Retina/Glaucoma/Cataract /Cornea

All Eye Laser &Surgical Facilities Available

  • Beta Applicator is used to cure spring catarrh(Vernal keratoconjunctivitis), Pterygium corneal vessels & some eye tumour. Only few good institute in India have this device. 
  • Cam (Amblyopia Exercises)
  •  Operating Microscopes with Digital video camera  It’s a latest microscope & have unique device to protect the retina of the patient during eye operation which do not exist in other microscope.Patient can lose it’s vision as it will cause photoretinitis if operated by microscope without retinal protective device
  • Vitrectomy Machine 
  • Cryo Units  is widely used for sealing retinal holes in retinal detachment.
  • Diathermy Unit Giant & Ocular Magnets To remove foreign bodies inside the eye.
  • Corneal foreign body removal with latest equipment



ENDOSCOPY  Vitreo Retina  SURGERY ::3D ENDOSCOPE• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Diabetic Retinopathy• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment Surgery• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Dislocated Intraocular Lens• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Dislocated Lens Material• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Endophthalmitis• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Intraocular Foreign Body• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Iris Neovascularization Complications• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Hypotony• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Retinopathy of Prematurity• Endoscopic Vitrectomy for Choroidal Hemorrhage and EffusionENDOSCOPIC VITRECTOMY FOR DIABETIC RETINOPATHY (Best diabetic treatment in eye)      i. Vitreous Hemorrhage   ii. Traction Macular Detachment      iii. Combined Traction and Rhegmatogenous Detachment      iv. Anterior Hyaloidal Fibrovascular Proliferation      v. Iris Neovascularization Associated with Opaque Media      vi. Macular Edema Surgery ENDOSCOPIC VITRECTOMY IN RETINAL DETACHMENT SURGERY ::3D ENDOSCOPEi. Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachmentii. Giant Retinal Tear and Detachment iii. PVR  VITRECTOMY FOR DISLOCATED IOLS  :3D ENDOSCOPEi. Imaging and Mobilizing IOLs ii. IOL Explantation iii. Repositioning of Dislocated IOLs iv. Suturing of Dislocated IOLs v. Haptic Erosion of Tissue and Intraocular Hemorrhage



• Suture Dislocated IOL Haptics in Sulcus Under Endoscopic View• Locate and Remove Nuclear or Cortical Remnants Underneath Iris• Evaluate Capsular Zonular Complex Integrity • Confirm Optimal IOL Haptic Placement in Bag or Sulcus• Combined Cataract/Glaucoma Surgery – Phaco/ECP :Best Glaucoma treatment• Endoscopic Phaco & IOL Implantation on pre-PK Patients• Observe Placement of Lameller Graft in DSEK/DSAEK• Observe Fibrosis Over IOL Haptics Prior to Explantation • Observe Placement and Patency of Postior Iris TubesENDOSCOPY IN GLAUCOMA SURGERY  ( Best Glaucoma treatment )• Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation – ECP • Phaco/ECP • ECP Plus• Endoscopic Cycloplasty for Plateau Iris• Endoscopic Goniotomy OCULAR TUMORS TREATMENT BY 3D ENDOSCOPE


for glasses removal 

for cataract 

 for glaucoma treatment 

for Diabetic retinopathy,central retinal vein occlusion,TUMORS OF RETINA & other Retinal diseases

best eye surgery

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