World’s first 3d Endoscopic vitrectomy/retina surgery  done by Dr. Hanspal Bhinder
It gives us immense pleasure to announce excellent results with 3d Endoscope with Laser delivering surgery system..Intraocular parts  inside the eye are hidden from everyday view in both the clinic and the operating room. These Intraocular parts (Retroiridal areas ) ,which cannot be seen directly by any microscope plays very crucial role in investigation, diagnosis, and treatment.The beauty of the 3d micro endoscopy laser system is that it provides  360 degree panoramic 3d view inside eye as well as surgeon can laser & repair the damage tissue ( Retina) inside eye at the same time.The latest visualization tool we have adopted in our practice enables to perform 3d endoscopic eye surgeries more easily or more effectively.
It facilitates almost all the routine as well as complex cases that would otherwise not be possible with Routine retina surgeries.3d micro Endoscope can play a pivotal role intraoperatively as it allows us to examine the sclerotomy site from inside and remove fibrovascular complex completely under direct visualization efficiently.
An 3d endoscope-assisted vitrectomy /retina surgery can by pass  any hazy media visualization problems . When the cornea ( Corneal opacity) or lens( Cataract) is opaque or fibrin is present in the vitreous, it precludes a clear vlew of the posterlor segment. In thls situation, even a wide angle system would appear to be less useful than the 3d micro endoscopeDirect 360 degree visualization inside the eye pays dividends in reducing the complications and improved clinical outcomes in any retinal disease ,Retinal Detachment,Vitreous haemorrhage (blood), Dislocated IOL, Lens/Nucleus drop Intraocular Foreign body,Diabetic retinopathy,ROP,Glaucoma (kaala Motia) (failed trab or glaucoam drainage devices/uncontrollable IOP) & any  ocular trauma   irrespective of hazy media due to cornea or Cataract or blood inside eye.3D Endoscopy with laser all in one brings numerous advantages to all kind of patients with any retinal pathology or in patient with Glaucoma ( kaala Motia):-3d ECP, Anterior segment & ocular trauma :-
1 3d-wide field intraocular views to assess damage and plan surgical strategies. 
2. Provides a unique  Viewing Underneath the iris or in simple words 360 degree internal eye view is now possible with 3d endoscope with laser. We can manage & reveal pathological ciliary processes, evidence of pseudoexfoliation, zonular and capsular defects, and retained lens fragments/IOLhepatic underneath iris or peripheral retinal defect/membrane etc
3. A 3D Endoscope allows 360 degree viewing and laser the far Peripheral Retina without scleral depression .
4. A 3D Endoscope allows 360 degree viewing and facilitates removal of membrane growth over the Ciliary Body or any other diseased Retina. 
5. An endoscope allows an adjunctive view to the operating microscope to facilitate imaging of difficult to view tissue like an anterior hyaloid, or planning removal of an intraocular foriegn body.
6.  Valuable to patients of any age group. In pediatric vitreoretinopathies such as traumatic RD, ROP, FEVR, and persistent fetal vasculature syndrome (PFVS)7. Excellent Outcome : Direct visualize surgical planes in complex surgical solutions pays dividends in reduced complications and improved clinical outcomes.8. Patient requires fewer follow-up visits, and is associated with a lower incidence of postoperative manipulations.